Luke seems to have infinite interest in the natural world. Because most natural phenomena inspire him and he enjoys connecting with individuals, he naturally ends up inspiring others.


Curriculum Vitae

Science – I’ve always had a natural intuition about machines and this was a driving force behind my love of chemistry and involvement in many research projects. As an analytical chemist, I ended up as a specialist with some of the most finicky instrumentation that chemists use and the unique challenges these cutting edge instruments pose to centralized software solutions and in-house computational challenges. My natural intuition with instrumentation spawned a self-efficacy in technical instrumentation that is now a central capability in my academic career and life. I have a PhD in Chemistry, and a MS in Laboratory Medicine, and work across the chemical fields of medicine, agriculture, biofuels, and data analysis.

Yoga – My approach to yoga comes directly from my personal practice. I’ve studied Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Zazen meditation extensively. I’ve developed many lead classes and personal practice techniques for many demographics that all aim to unify my own in-depth study of western anatomy, clinical biochemistry, and the deep roots of the ashtanga and vedantic yoga systems. The ultimate aim is to help us all humbly face our own ugliness together and realize that all of it is in fact already perfect. With the help of instructors like Bryan Kest, Eoin Finn, and Steve Ilg, I’ve developed a practice that’s based on simple movements done intelligently.

Jazz – Luke has played the piano and violin since childhood. He also plays the mandolin and in the tradition of great scientists, enjoys playing the bongo’s poorly. If you would like to collaborate please take a listen to the few tracks of his solo work up on soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/marneylc).





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