New Year Resolutions – Polly Pushy Pants

Be clear about the intentions around the discipline required for resolutions. The unconscious drive to work hard may be clouding over someone that is very tired and gets little proper attention and love. Discipline in the form of work, or against our best wishes, is powerful and should be used like a scalpel for diving into new depths of experience. But the discipline of holding back and letting go is just as important, if not more important to cultivate for most of us.

New Year Resolution Challenge:

Practice a little, be done in ten minutes, do only the poses that feel really good, don’t set a timer, skip practice all together and take a nap, drink a beer, lay in a hammock.

Watch your reaction to that idea. Think it is stupid and a waste of time? Why? Don’t you want to cultivate more sensitivity and love in your life? Start with yourself this year.
Think that is an awesome idea? Maybe do it a little and then go take a 3 hour ashtanga class. See if you can develop the sensitivity to know when to push and when to hold back.

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