The hunchback of vinyasa yoga

I’ve seen countless students that complain about tightness in their neck and between their shoulder blades, both from hunching over a computer and from doing millions of sun salutations. It can be a vicious cycle when our yoga practice does not allow us to solve some of these back problems after working at a computer all day. Unfortunately, classic yoga poses rarely provide enough sensation depth to break down the layers of myofascial tissue that eventually make us hump-back in our old age and decrease our diaphragm elasticity. There are a few poses that can help maintain mobility, such as garudasana arms, this one from a previous post, and this one, although a little difficult if you have breasts. None of these, in my experience, dig deep enough for me to break down the old fascial layering that was a result of years of rock climbing, weightlifting, sun salutations and questionable posture while working at my laptop. Recently, I’ve been working through some of Kelly Starrett’s mobility exercises and ran into a collaboration between him and the yoga teacher Jill Miller. Check out the videos, buy a cheap tennis ball or lacrosse ball and start digging in. Hum Sa!


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