cropped-devanagari_om.pngWhat’s the point of all this stretching? Where am I going with all this effort?

A common term used today to describe the reasons behind our practice is the intention. Back when I started teaching yoga, I went around, sometimes with my father, and took from who the yoga masses have deemed the fathers/mothers of modern yoga. I mainly took from ashtanga and power yoga or vinyasa yoga teachers, but I asked all of them the same question. Why do you teach yoga?

Turns out a few really had no idea why they were teaching yoga. They were just kind of doing it. They had either lost it a long time ago, or had just really not known anything else. However, the teachers that had the most impact in my life all answered within two nanoseconds of the question. While the answers varied, the physical practice was more or less the same. I realized there was something important about this intention thing.

What made the most difference to me and what ultimately led me to learn more from a teacher, was to understand their perspective clearly. They were entirely conscious of why they did what they did. They had a perspective. They were a mirror I reflected my own aspirations on and I was able to figure out what made sense for me and what didn’t. In essence, I grew and was transformed.

So what about practicing at home? I am the guru. What perspective do I bring to my mat? Do I truly agree with all of it? If I don’t, do I have the power to change it?


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