The Lunge Series

I unroll my mat  —  bend over  —  breathe  —  and get moving with some sun salutations.

Then I cultivate some tapas or transformational heat with a routine like this one (Lunge Series A). I work to transform my response to intense sensation and uncomfortable positions by breathing deep and softening my face. All the while, getting into the juice of the day–the deep wonderful sensation of heat.

The lunge series is a sequence of poses building off of the basic movements in Surya Namaskara B. Take a class from Eoin Finn or Bryan Kest and you’re bound to do some very long, in-depth discovery in the meat of the lower body and hips. If you ride your bike a lot, run, climb, or do any other outdoor sports, these are a must. Audio coming soon!

Pigeon pose (rajakapotasana) is extremly hard to draw as a stick figure–sorry! Follow this link for a description by a fellow blogger


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