In the beginning of my yoga practice it is important that I bring my attention down to my breath. The breath changes with every one of my experiences and for my physical asana practice, it is the barometer of my effort and tension.

When I feel connected, yoking physical sension together with intent and the breath, I notice that my breath extends and softens. Knowing this, yogis many years ago figured out that cultivating long soft breaths produced this state, and could produce many others.

This is Hatha Yoga, the forceful yoga. By manipulating my physical body, I can influence my mind and the experience of spirit. The practice of breath control is called pranayama — literally energy restraint.

Today remember that yoga means connection. Breathe deep and realize the connection between the mind and the breath. Anyone can be happy and peaceful and notice the breath. Its much harder to notice it during difficult situations.

My will doesn’t create this connection, it is already there. Namaste!


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