A Beginning

Yoga means to yoke, that’s it. It is very simple. A yoga practice, however, can get rather complicated—which is too bad. There seems to be a lot of work to simply roll out the mat and practice. Doubt and insecurity take hold too quickly because the yoga world is so huge and very old and everyone has an opinion about how you should practice.

It turns out that they are all wrong. You are the guru.

This blog and the products available have been collected here so that you will be able to simply unroll your mat and do some yoga. My yoga practice is a collection of techniques that have been adapted from many teachers and matured by a home practice. After a little bit over ten years now collecting techniques, it has become a vast library that I continue to draw from, experiment, and change. Experiment with the techniques I’ve gathered and let them evolve into something that makes sense to you. The hardest part of the practice is rolling out the mat. After that, it all comes.


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